Plasma Laboratory - Weizmann Institute of Science

Dimitry Mikitchuk

Contact Information:

Tel: 972-8-9342100
Fax: 972-8-9343491
Bldg.: K.B. Weissman Institute of Physical Sciences
Room: 132
Email: Dimitry.Mikitchuk at


Major research interests:


List of publications:


  • R. Doron, D. Mikitchuk, C. Stollberg, G. Rosenzweig, E. Stambulchik, E. Kroupp, Y. Maron, and D. A. Hammer
    Determination of magnetic fields based on the Zeeman effect in regimes inaccessible by Zeeman-splitting spectroscopy
    High Energy Density Phys. 10, 56–60 (2014). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • Mikitchuk, D., Stollberg, C., Doron, R., Kroupp, E., Maron, Y., Strauss, H.R., Velikovich, A.L., and Giuliani, J.L.
    Mitigation of instabilities in a z-pinch plasma by a preembedded axial magnetic field
    Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on 42, 2524–2525 (2014). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • S. Tessarin, D. Mikitchuk, R. Doron, E. Stambulchik, E. Kroupp, Y. Maron, D.A. Hammer, V.L. Jacobs, J.F. Seely, B.V. Oliver, and A. Fisher
    Beyond Zeeman spectroscopy: Magnetic-field diagnostics with Stark-dominated line shapes
    Phys. Plasmas 18, 093301 (2011). DOI BibTeX PDF

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