NLTE-3 Workshop

The Workshop is finished. Many thanks to all participants and sponsors! The pictures from the Workshop and the dinner can be found here.


October 1 2003 - submission deadline
December 1 2003 - opening
December 5 2003 - closing

The first Workshop back in 1996 presented a genuinely unique opportunity for a narrow (~20 people) group of physicists involved in plasma kinetic modeling to meet in a very informal and enjoyable environment and, not less important, to pinpoint some of the problematic issues in steady-state collisional-radiative simulations (JQSRT 58, 737,1997). In spite of general excitement after the meeting, it regrettably took another 5 years to organize the second, this time a virtual, Workshop devoted to comparison of NLTE emissivities (JQSRT 81, 71, 2003).

Organizing Committee:

C. Bowen (CEA)
R. W. Lee (LLNL/Berkeley)
Yu. Ralchenko (NIST)
Similar to the previous Workshops, a necessary and sufficient condition for participation would be to present at least one calculated case

Submission Request:

HTML (740 kB)
PDF (147 kB)
gzipped PostScript (418 kB)
MSWord (415 kB)
ASCII tables for TD cases (9 kB)

Steady-state example file (2 kB)

Most of the cases suggested for comparisons were related to kinetics of hot dense plasmas. In terms of the scope of the problems, we have considered broadening the field slightly to include problems, which arise in tokamaks, capillary discharges, and radiative power loss. There is considerable work in these areas, which suggests interesting comparison cases.

The calculation results should be uploaded to, directory incoming using anonymous login. Although one cannot see the contents of this directory, there is a high probability that it did go through. Please send a notification email to YR after uploading the file(s).
Hotel news
Holiday Inn at Gaithersburg has rooms for the workshop participants at a discount rate of $90+tax. The hotel phone and fax: +1-301-948-8900 and +1-301-258-1940. One has to mention the magic words "NIST visitor" to get the discount when calling directly to the hotel. Please do NOT use the 800 number provided on their home page since the central reservation office seems to be unaware of this discount... Please inform us in case of any troubles with reservations.
The hotel is conveniently located just about a mile from the NIST main gate and they provide a shuttle to NIST.

If you would like to stay at another place, a good collection of hotels/motels nearby is provided by this page.

Visitor passes
Not later than Nov 20, 2003 every participant has to confirm his/her participation since it would normally take a few days to have the pass paperwork done. Please send email to YR with the following information:
Name, title, employer, address, citizenship

Computer Equipment
The current NIST computer security regulations put very severe limitations on hooking up the visitors' laptops to the NIST network. We will have four laptops with Internet connection and VERY PROBABLY a wireless network for the Workshop purposes.

DC Area Attractions:

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US Capitol and White House
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Gaithersburg is located about 30 km (20 miles) north from Washington DC.

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