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Input for R.D.Cowan's RCN code

This is a toy-version of the WWW interface to the widely used atomic structure package written by Robert D.Cowan from LANL. The original source files along with writeups and examples can be found here. The PC version of Cowan's code is here.

Here, the choice of elements is limited to first ten up to Neon and principal quantum numbers of electrons up to n=3. The output includes ONLY the one-electron Hartree-Fock wavefunctions Pnl(r) which are normalized to unity. In addition to the table of wavefunctions, the plots of Pnl(r) and Pnl(r)2 can be retrieved as well. Units for the radius are atomic.

Explanation of the output
R (a0) radius in Bohr units at mesh point 10*NC + 1
RSCORE(I) SUM(Pnl2) for all except the last orbital
RSVALE(I) Pnl2 for the last orbital
RSATOM(I) SUM(Pnl2) for all orbitals
All double columns Left column gives the value at mesh point 10*NC + 1
Right column gives the value at mesh point 10*NC + 6

I would be REALLY glad to have your comments on this page.

Yuri Ralchenko

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