Grace: Related projects and links

Frontends and language bindings to Grace

Chart::GRACE: a Perl/PDL interface
Chart::Graph::Xmgrace: another Perl module hybrid Perl/Grace language for generating plots from a script

F90 library for Grace

GAIW: Grace ASCII Import Wizard a spartan Python interface a more involved Python module
gracePlot: and another Python interface...
GracePlot!: and yet another one!
Hmm, want more? CDAT includes its own
Yep. pygrace is now in the list, too
Python is all about Grace, but combinatorics on "grace" and "py" is limited. pygrace

GracePlot.jl provides Julia bindings for Grace

GraceSc: Grace Support Class for C++
GraceTMPL classes provide an easy way to use existing Grace projects as a template
Anaphe includes Anaphe::Grace class

mlGrace is a high-level OCaml interface to Grace

An interface from Octave
Octave-forge includes "graceplot" module

rlabplus project includes a module for data export/graphing with Grace from RLaB

An S-Lang Grace Plotting Module from the S-Lang author


AcGrace: the NRC Analysis Code version of Grace
Instant update patches (this functionality will be included in the upcoming 6.0 release)
GraceGTK is based on the GTK toolkit and adds some new features
QtGrace is a version of Grace based on the Qt SDK by Nokia

Projects using Grace as plotting backend

Anaphe from CERN (formerly called LHC++) - data analysis and visualisation tools
BEAMnrc: A Monte Carlo Simulation System for Modelling Radiotherapy Sources
BioSimGrid: a distributed database for biomolecular simulations
CalC ("Ca2+ Calculator") Reaction/Diffusion Modeling Software
CDAT: Climate Data Analysis Tools Page
CMPR: a multipurpose program for powder diffraction data
CTRW (Continuous Time Random Walks) group
EDEN: A program implementing Holographic Methods in X-ray Crystallography
EGSnrc: A system for Monte Carlo simulation of electron and photon transport
EMRESOL calculates resolution of the EM reconstruction
EXIFplot: a command line tool for analysing EXIF tags in digital photos
GAMMA: A General Approach To Magnetic Resonance Mathematical Analysis
GROMACS: a molecular dynamics package
Lingrapher visualizes results of language experiments
MCell: A General Monte Carlo Simulator of Cellular Microphysiology
Molpro quantum chemistry package
NAMD: a parallel molecular dynamics code
NWB (Network Workbench): a Large-Scale Network Analysis, Modeling and Visualization Toolkit
OpenFOAM CFD toolbox
Precognition is a new generation of data processing package for Laue diffraction
Physical Scalars and Plotting Tools in Scala
PyQwt plots data with Numerical Python and PyQt and can clone a plot into Grace
Spike2cell: a spike sorter for extracellular multichannel data
SSA-MTM Toolkit for Spectral Analysis
TRIP: a general computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics
VMD: Visual Molecular Dynamics
XMM SAS: XMM-Newton Science Analysis System
YATSIM: a package for elctromagnetic full-wave simulation

On-line data plotting with Grace

Equi-probability distribution analysis
Interface to Los Alamos Atomic Physics Codes
Moore Observatory Solar Flare Monitor
NIST Atomic Spectra Database
USGS Alkalinity Calculator
USGS Data Grapher

Rates and reviews

TUCOWS gives us 5 cows
Linux-Magazin published a long positive review (in German)


XMGRACE101 - Introduction to xmgrace

Miscellaneous - a Perl script to merge several Grace graphs
gmf2wmf converts a Grace metafile into a Windows metafile
gracebox - an awk script to generate box plots for Grace
grace.4th provides Grace project import/export functionality to XYPLOT-32
spec2grace - an interface between spec files and Grace
xg2gr - a simple awk script to convert xgraph file to Grace file