The First Israeli Conference
on Plasma Physics and Applications

Tau Auditorium, Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering,
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv

 The conference is sponsored by Tel Aviv University.

Conference Programme

08:45-09:00Opening Remarks - Reuven Boxman

I. Basic Plasma Physics
Chairperson: Yitzhak Maron

09:00-09:20V.KarpmanWhistler wave leakage from plasma ducts and solitons.
09:20-09:40N.Kleeorin and I.RogachevskiIntermittency in MHD plasmas.
09:40-10:00P.Mandelbaum, E.Behar, R.Doron and J.L.SchwobIndirect ionization and recombination processes for heavy metals in hot plasmas.
10:00-10:20I.Rutkevich and M.BenilovTwo-dimensional instability of fast ionization waves in an external electric field.

10:20-10:50Coffee Break and Posters

II. Industrial Plasma Physics
Chairperson: Avi Gover

10:50-11:10A.FruchtmanNovel configurations for plasma processing.
11:10-11:30S.Wald, G.Appelbaum, R.Alimi, S.Cuperman, C.Bruma, D.Zoler, L.Rabani, V.Zhitomirsky, M.Factor and I.RomanHard coating of metals and ceramics with new electro-thermal-chemical gun technology.
11:30-11:50R.Arad, K.Tsigutkin, A.Fruchtman and Y.MaronSpectroscopic investigation of a microsecond opening switch.
11:50-12:10E.Gidalevich, R.L.Boxman and S.GoldsmithShock front formation in plasma coating devices.

12:10-13:15Lunch and Posters
13:15-14:00General Business Meeting

III. Thermonuclear Fusion and Astrophysics
Chairperson: Zohar Anis

14:00-14:20D.Eichler and S.PistinerSelf-inhibiting heat-flux: Whistlers quasilinear theory.
14:20-14:40S.Cuperman, C.Bruma and K.KomoshviliAspect ratio dependence of Alfven wave current drive and its efficience in simulated Tokamak plasmas: a systematic full-wave-equation investigation.
14:40-15:00L.Pustil'nikThe solar flare in the plasma physicist's eyes.
15:00-15:20L.Gregorian, E.Kroupp, G.Davara and Y.MaronSpectroscopic investigations of the plasma behavior in a gas-puff Z-pinch device.

15:20-15:50Coffee Break and Posters

IV. Radiation Sources and Plasma Applications
Chairperson: Joseph Shiloh

15:50-16:10A.Gover, J.Shiloh and A.LevinThe Israeli Tandem FEL: options for development of a wide spectral range radiation Source.
16:10-16:30E.Jerby, Li Lei, M.Korol, A.Keisar and R.DroriCyclotron-resonance Maser array - A new concept for high power microwave radiators.
16:30-16:50Ya.E.Krasik, A.Dunaevsky and J.FelsteinerObservation of high-frequency oscillations in a diode with an active plasma cathode.
16:50-17:10Y.Raitses, J.Ashkenazy, G.Appelbaum, N.Narkis and A.FruchtmanA study of voltage-potential distribution in Hall current accelerators.
17:10-17:30Yu.V.Ralchenko, R.Arad, V.Fisher, K.Tsigutkin, A.Weingarten and Y.MaronMeasurements and kinetic modeling of the highly transient (non-Maxwellian) plasmas in plasma opening devices.

V. Posters

S.G.Wang, R.L.Boxman and S.GoldsmithMeasurement of Carbon Ion Current Output from a Filtered Vacuum Arc Source.
R.Doron, E.Behar, P.Mandelbaum and J.L.SchwobThe Importance of Dielectronic Recombination in the Spectra of Laser-Produced Xenon and Barium Plasmas.
N.Narkiss, J.Ashkenazy, G.Appelbaum, Y.RaitsesArc Discharge Hollow Cathodes for Space Propulsion Applications.
S.S.KharintsevSpectral lines broadening in the fractional oscillation model.
Y.Horovitz, S.Eliezer, Z.Henis, Y.Paiss, E.Moshe, A.Ludmirsky, M.Werdiger and B.AradMeasurements of the inverse Faraday effect and absorption of circularly polarized laser light in plasmas produced by laser light iun the range of intensities 109-1014 W/cm2.
A.Abramovich and A.GoverInvestigation and simulation of the electron energy spread resulting from beam-wave interaction in the Israeli Tandem FEL.
A.Abramovich, M.Arbel, L.Gilutin, H.Kleinman, A.Eichenbaum, I.M.Yakover and A.GoverEfficiency enhancement of the TAU pre-bunched free-electron maser oscillator by locking to a single eigen-frequency of the resonator.
A.Weingarten, A.Fruchtman, Ya.E.Krasik and Y.MaronSpectroscopic investigation of the plasma density and magnetic field in a short duration plasma opening switch.
R.Ben-Ami, V.N.Zhitomirsky, R.L.Boxman and S.GoldsmithPlasma distribution in a triple cathode vacuum arc deposition apparatus.
A.Eichenbaum, H.Kleinman, M.Arbel and A.GoverVersatile e-beam prebuncher for FEMs and other high power beam devices.
Yu.Dolinsky and T.ElperinInductive instability in heterogeneous nonstationary systems.

Hosted by the WIS Plasma Laboratory