Changing fonts within a string

To change fonts within a string precede the font number listed below by a backslash. To turn subscripting or superscripting on or off use \s for subscripts and \S for superscripting. Font selection is current for the remainder of the string or until the next font change. Subscripts and superscripts remain for the remainder of the string or until \N is seen. To print a backslash use \\. To backspace use \b. To begin underlining use \u, to stop underlining use \U. \+ increases the size of the characters and \- decreases the size of the characters.

xmgr uses the Hershey fonts to draw text on the screen, but PostScript fonts for hardcopy. There are discrepancies between the two sets of fonts and of this writing, there are problems with the mapping of Greek and special characters.

Font # Font

Summary of other special commands


\0F\sX\N(\8e\0) = sin(\8e\0)*e\S(-X)\N*cos(\8e\0)

prints roughly FX(e) = sin(e)*e -X*cos(e)

using font 0 and e prints as epsilon from the Simplex Greek font.

Use the upper 128 characters for accented characters. The upper character set not display on the screen correctly but will print.

NOTE: Special characters are mapped to the keyboard, the present mapping is not very well organized and may change.