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* Introduction *

Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and M*tif. Grace runs on practically any version of Unix-like OS. As well, it has been successfully ported to VMS, OS/2, and Win9*/NT/2000/XP (some minor functionality may be missing, though).

Grace is a descendant of ACE/gr, also known as Xmgr.

* Features *
Grace features at a glance:


Export Options
Graphing Flexibility
Curve Fitting
Analysis Capability
Data Formats

Please refer to the Grace User's Guide for more detailed description.

* Getting software *

The software is available from and it is daily mirrored at

* Germany (FTP) (
* Japan (FTP) (

* Suggestions and bug reports *

If you found a bug in Grace or wish to suggest some improvements, please do it on-line.


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