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Ramy Doron

    author    = {P. Mandelbaum and D. Mitnik and E. Behar and R. Doron and J.L. Schwob},
abstract = {Extended calculations for excitation-autoionization processes in the CuI isoelectronic sequence and for dielectronic recombination in the NiI sequence have been performed. As an example, the results of these computations for molybdenum ions are presented. On the basis of these results one interprets the unexpected weak intensities of the CuI-like Mo \{XIV\} 3d104s-3d94s4f resonant transitions compared to the parent Mo \{XV\} 3d10-3d94f transitions.},
doi = {},
journal = {Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer},
note = {Radiative Properties of Hot Dense Matter II},
number = {1–2},
pages = {261 - 269},
title = {Excitation-autoionization, dielectronic recombination and line intensities in highly ionized CuI-like ions},
url = {},
volume = {54},
year = {1995},

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