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Ramy Doron

    author    = {C Biedermann and T Fuchs and P Liebisch and R Radtke E Behar and R Doron},
abstract = {We have performed x-ray spectroscopic measurements of the dielectronic recombination (DR) resonance strengths for the KL n ( n = 2, ..., 5) series of He-, Li-, and Be-like krypton ions. The ions were produced with an electron beam ion trap, and the strengths were obtained from a fit procedure that compares the experimental excitation function for DR to theory. The results agree well with the predictions. By looking at the KLL resonance, the time evolution of different krypton charge states was measured with this technique and compared with a model of the trap inventory.},
journal = {Physica Scripta},
number = {T80B},
pages = {303},
title = {X-ray Spectroscopic Measurements of Dielectronic Recombination of Highly Charged Krypton Ions},
url = {},
volume = {1999},
year = {1999},

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