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Ramy Doron

    author    = {R Doron and M Fraenkel and P Mandelbaum and A Zigler and J L Schwob},
abstract = {A detailed analysis of the x-ray spectrum emitted by a laser-produced plasma of barium in the 8–13.5Å wavelength range is given. The plasma is produced by the irradiation of an ultra-short pulse laser on a BaF 2 target. Ab-initio calculations using the RELAC relativistic computer code are performed to identify 3d– n f ( n = 4 to 8), 3p–4s, and 3p–4d transitions of Ni-like Ba XXIX, and corresponding satellite transitions in neighbouring ionization states: Fe-, Co-, Cu-. Zn-, Ga- and Ge-like ions. By changing the focusing conditions of the laser pulse on the solid target, one can get different ionization charge distributions and resolve some ambiguous identifications.},
journal = {Physica Scripta},
number = {1},
pages = {19},
title = {X-Ray Spectrum Emitted by Laser-Produced Barium Plasma in the 8 to 13.5 Å Wavelength Range},
url = {},
volume = {58},
year = {1998},

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