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Ramy Doron

    author    = {A Ya Faenov and A I Magunov and T A Pikuz and I Yu Skobelev and S A Pikuz and A M Urnov and J Abdallah and R E H Clark and J Cohen and R P Jonson and G A Kyrala and M D Wilke and A Maksimchuk and D Umstadter and N Nantel and R Doron and E Behar and P Mandelbaum and J J Schwob and J Dubau and F B Rosmej and A Osterheld},
abstract = {A new type of quasi-continuous spectra of femtosecond laser plasma in the vicinity of multicharged H-like and He-like ion resonance lines were observed and interpreted for the first time. It is shown that such spectra were generated by multicharged hollow ions and are caused by super high density conditions provided by a high contrast laser pulse.},
journal = {Physica Scripta},
number = {T80B},
pages = {536},
title = {High-Resolved x-ray Spectra of Hollow Atoms in a Femtosecond Laser-Produced Solid Plasma},
url = {},
volume = {1999},
year = {1999},

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