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Ramy Doron

    author    = {I Yu Skobelev and A Bartnik and E Behar and R Doron and V M Dyakin and J Kostecki and P Mandelbaum and A Ya Faenov and H Fiedorowicz and J L Schwob and M Szczurek and R Jarocki},
abstract = {The first precision measurements of the wavelengths and identifications were made of the satellites of the Heb line of the Si XIII ion in the emission spectrum of a laser plasma. These satellites were the result of radiation decay of the 1 s 3 l 1 2 l 2 levels of the Si XII ion. The wavelengths were determined more accurately for the 1 s 3 l 1 3 l 2 configurations. The experimental results obtained were compared with calculations carried out by various methods. The structure of the relative intensities of the 1 s 3 l 1 3 l 2 satellites indicated that their emission occurred mainly in a thin overdense plasma region with N e > N e cr .},
journal = {Quantum Electronics},
number = {8},
pages = {677},
title = {Dielectronic satellites of the He β line of the Si XIII ion in a dense laser plasma},
url = {},
volume = {28},
year = {1998},

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