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    author    = {A Starobinets and I Bray and L A Vainshtein and Yu V Ralchenko and Y Maron},
abstract = {We report on calculation of electron-impact excitation cross sections for Li-like ions of boron and beryllium. The data were produced with a number of modern methods in atomic collision theory, such as convergent close-coupling, K -matrix and Coulomb–Born-exchange. The results obtained are compared with other calculations and available expermental data, and the recommended cross sections for all transitions between atomic terms with principal quantum numbers n = 4 are presented as tables of fitting parameters.},
doi = {10.1238/Physica.Regular.067a00500},
journal = {Phys. Scr.},
number = {6},
pages = {500},
title = {Excitation Cross Sections for Li-like Ions of Beryllium and Boron},
volume = {67},
year = {2003},

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