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Spectral Line Shapes in Plasmas Workshops

This is a home to the SLSP (Spectral Line Shapes in Plasmas) code comparison workshop series.


Line-shape analysis is one of the most important tools for diagnostics of both laboratory and space plasmas. Evidently, its reliable implementation requires sufficiently accurate calculations. The Stark broadening is the most computationally challenging contribution, with other factors (such as the Zeeman and Doppler effects) further complicating the calculations.

Except for limiting cases, line-shape calculations imply a usage of computer codes of varying complexity and requirements of computational resources. However, studies comparing different computational and analytical methods are almost nonexistent. This workshop purports to fill this gap. By detailed comparison of results for a selected set of case problems, it becomes possible to pinpoint sources of disagreements, infer limits of applicability, and assess accuracy.



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