Plasma Laboratory - Weizmann Institute of Science

Tal Queller

Contact Information:

Tel: 972-8-9342677

Bldg.: K.B. Weissman Institute of Physical Sciences
Room: 143
Email: Tal.Queller at


Major research interests:


List of publications:


  • Tangri, V., Queller, T., Kroupp, E., Dasgupta, A., Rosenzweig, G., Giuliani, J. L., and Maron, Y.
    Simulations of nozzle gas flow and gas-puff Z-pinch implosions on the Weizmann Z-pinch
    Phys. Plasmas 31, 072703 (2024). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • Maron, Y., Doron, R., Cvejić, M., Stambulchik, E., Mikitchuk, D., Stollberg, C., Queller, T., Kroupp, E., Rosenzweig, G., Rubinstein, B., Biswas, S., Bernshtam, V., Nedostup, O., Litmanovich, V., Fisher, V., Starobinets, A., Fruchtman, A., Fisher, A., Tangri, V., Giuliani, J. L., Velikovich, A. L., Dasgupta, A., Ochs, I. E., Kolmes, E. J., Mlodik, M. E., Davidovits, S., Fisch, N. J., and Johnston, M. D.
    Spectroscopic determination of magnetic fields in pulsed-power and high-energy-density plasmas
    IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 51, 3407–3425 (2023). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • Kroupp, E., Tata, S., Wan, Y., Levy, D., Smartsev, S., Levine, E. Y., Seemann, O., Adelberg, M., Piliposian, R., Queller, T., Segre, E., Ta Phuoc, K., Kozlova, M., and Malka, V.
    Commissioning and first results from the new 2x100 TW laser at the WIS
    Matter Radiat. Extrem. 7, 044401 (2022). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • Rosenzweig, G., Kroupp, E., Queller, T., Starobinets, A., Maron, Y., Tangri, V., Giuliani, J. L., and Fruchtman, A.
    Local measurements of the spatial magnetic field distribution in a z-pinch plasma during and near stagnation using polarization spectroscopy
    Phys. Plasmas 27, 022705 (2020). DOI BibTeX PDF

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