Plasma Laboratory - Weizmann Institute of Science

Yuri Zarnitsky

Vladimir Bernshtam

Contact Information:

Tel: 972-8-9342100
Fax: 972-8-9343491
Bldg.: K.B. Weissman Institute of Physical Sciences
Room: 128
Email: Yuri.Zarnitsky at


Major research interests:

X-ray plasma spectroscopy, gas-discharge light (UV) sources, weakly-ionized plasma turbulence.


List of publications:


  • Giuliani, J. L., Thornhill, J. W., Kroupp, E., Osin, D., Maron, Y., Dasgupta, A., Apruzese, J. P., Velikovich, A. L., Chong, Y. K., Starobinets, A., Fisher, V., Zarnitsky, Yu., Bernshtam, V., Fisher, A., Mehlhorn, T. A., and Deeney, C.
    Effective versus ion thermal temperatures in the Weizmann Ne z-pinch: Modeling and stagnation physics
    Phys. Plasmas 21, 031209 (2014). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • Blesener, K.S., Pikuz, S.A., Shelkovenko, T.A., Blesener, I.C., Hammer, D.A., Maron, Y., Bernshtam, V., Doron, R., Weingarten, L., and Zarnitsky, Y.
    Measuring magnetic fields in single aluminum wire plasmas with time-resolved optical spectroscopy
    High Energy Density Physics 8, 224–226 (2012). DOI BibTeX


  • V. A. Bernshtam, Yu. Zarnitsky, Yu. Ralchenko, L. A. Vainshtein, L. Weingarten, and Y. Maron
    Effect of radiative cascades on intensities of dielectronic satellites to Heα
    Phys. Scr. 79, 035303 (2009). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • E. Kroupp, D. Carasso, D. Osin, A. Starobinets, V. Bernshtam, V.I. Fisher, Yu. Ralchenko, Yu. Zarnitsky, Y. Maron, I. Uschmann, E. Forster, and A. Fisher
    High-resolution spectroscopic X-ray diagnostics for studying the ion kinetic energy and plasma properties in a Z-pinch at stagnation
    In Pulsed Power Conference, 2003. Digest of Technical Papers. PPC-2003. 14th IEEE International No. 1 (2003), pp. 209–212. DOI BibTeX PDF

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