Plasma Laboratory - Weizmann Institute of Science

Atomic data

The data on the elementary processes accounted for in the collisional-radiative modeling are obtained from the atomic physics calculations or inferred from the experimental investigations. In our laboratory the following tools for the calculations of the elementary processes are employed:

  • Coulomb-Born-exchange-with-unitarization code (by L. A. Vainshtein and V. P. Shevelko)
  • RCN/RCN2/RCG atomic structure package (by R. D. Cowan)
  • MZ Code (by L. A. Vainshtein)
  • Convergent close-coupling (CCC) code (by I. Bray)
  • Flexible Atomic Code (FAC) (by M. F. Gu), and its modification cFAC by E. Stambulchik

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Modified on: 2014-01-20