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Vladimir Bernshtam

Vladimir Bernshtam

Contact Information:

Tel: 972-8-9342162
Fax: 972-8-9342037
Bldg.: K.B. Weissman Institute of Physical Sciences
Room: 001
Email: Vladimir.Bernshtam at


Major research interests:

Collisional-radiative modeling, atomic physics calculations, thermonuclear reactors.


List of publications:


  • C. Stollberg, E. Kroupp, D. Mikitchuk, P. Sharma, V. Bernshtam, M. Cvejić, R. Doron, E. Stambulchik, Y. Maron, A. Fruchtman, I. E. Ochs, N. J. Fisch, and U. Shumlak
    Observation of fast current redistribution in an imploding plasma column
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 205101 (2023). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • Maron, Y., Doron, R., Cvejić, M., Stambulchik, E., Mikitchuk, D., Stollberg, C., Queller, T., Kroupp, E., Rosenzweig, G., Rubinstein, B., Biswas, S., Bernshtam, V., Nedostup, O., Litmanovich, V., Fisher, V., Starobinets, A., Fruchtman, A., Fisher, A., Tangri, V., Giuliani, J. L., Velikovich, A. L., Dasgupta, A., Ochs, I. E., Kolmes, E. J., Mlodik, M. E., Davidovits, S., Fisch, N. J., and Johnston, M. D.
    Spectroscopic determination of magnetic fields in pulsed-power and high-energy-density plasmas
    IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. , 1–19 (2023). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • Nitishinskiy, M., Efimov, S., Antonov, O., Yanuka, D., Gurovich, V. Tz., Bernshtam, V., Fisher, V., and Krasik, Ya. E./div>
    Converging shock wave focusing and interaction with a target
    Phys. Plasmas 23, 042705 (2016). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • Johnston, M. D., Patel, S. G., Kiefer, M. L., Biswas, S., Doron, R., Bernshtam, V., Stambulchik, E., and Maron, Y.
    Measurements of magnetic and electric fields in high energy electron beam diodes
    In 2016 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) (2016), pp. 1. DOI BibTeX


  • Giuliani, J. L., Thornhill, J. W., Kroupp, E., Osin, D., Maron, Y., Dasgupta, A., Apruzese, J. P., Velikovich, A. L., Chong, Y. K., Starobinets, A., Fisher, V., Zarnitsky, Yu., Bernshtam, V., Fisher, A., Mehlhorn, T. A., and Deeney, C.
    Effective versus ion thermal temperatures in the Weizmann Ne z-pinch: Modeling and stagnation physics
    Phys. Plasmas 21, 031209 (2014). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • Blesener, K.S., Pikuz, S.A., Shelkovenko, T.A., Blesener, I.C., Hammer, D.A., Maron, Y., Bernshtam, V., Doron, R., Weingarten, L., and Zarnitsky, Y.
    Measuring magnetic fields in single aluminum wire plasmas with time-resolved optical spectroscopy
    High Energy Density Physics 8, 224–226 (2012). DOI BibTeX


  • Kroupp, E., Osin, D., Starobinets, A., Fisher, V., Bernshtam, V., Weingarten, L., Maron, Y., Uschmann, I., Förster, E., Fisher, A., Cuneo, M. E., Deeney, C., and Giuliani, J. L.
    Ion Temperature and Hydrodynamic-Energy Measurements in a Z-Pinch Plasma at Stagnation
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 105001 (2011). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • Jones, B., Jennings, C. A., Bailey, J. E., Rochau, G. A., Maron, Y., Coverdale, C. A., Yu, E. P., Hansen, S. B., Ampleford, D. J., Lake, P. W., Dunham, G., Cuneo, M. E., Deeney, C., Fisher, D. V., V. I. Fisher, Bernshtam, V., Starobinets, A., and Weingarten, L.
    Doppler measurement of implosion velocity in fast Z-pinch x-ray sources
    Phys. Rev. E 84, 056408 (2011). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • U. Zastrau, P. Audebert, V. Bernshtam, E. Brambrink, T. Kämpfer, E. Kroupp, R. Loetzsch, Y. Maron, Yu. Ralchenko, H. Reinholz, G. Röpke, A. Sengebusch, E. Stambulchik, I. Uschmann, L. Weingarten, and E. Förster
    Temperature and Kα-yield radial distributions in laser-produced solid-density plasmas imaged with ultra-high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy
    Phys. Rev. E 81, 026406 (2010). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • J.L. Giuliani, J.W. Thornhill, A. Velikovich, J.P. Apruzese, A. Dasgupta, J. Davis, S. Zalesak, R. Clark, E. Kroupp, D. Osin, A. Starobinets, E. Stambulchik, V. Bernshtam, V. Fisher, Y. Maron, A. Fisher, and C. Deeney
    Stagnation dynamics of a Ne gas puff z pinch
    In Plasma Science, 2010 Abstracts IEEE International Conference on (2010), pp. 1. DOI BibTeX


  • V. A. Bernshtam, Yu. Zarnitsky, Yu. Ralchenko, L. A. Vainshtein, L. Weingarten, and Y. Maron
    Effect of radiative cascades on intensities of dielectronic satellites to Heα
    Phys. Scr. 79, 035303 (2009). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • V. A. Bernshtam, Yu. Ralchenko, and Y. Maron
    Comment on "Electron impact ionization of helium isoelectronic systems''
    Eur. Phys. J. D 51, 319–320 (2009). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • E. Stambulchik, V. Bernshtam, L. Weingarten, E. Kroupp, D. Fisher, Y. Maron, U. Zastrau, I. Uschmann, F. Zamponi, E. Förster, A. Sengebusch, H. Reinholz, G. Röpke, and Yu. Ralchenko
    Progress in line-shape modeling of K-shell transitions in warm dense titanium plasmas
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42, 214056 (2009). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • D. Yarmolich, Ya. E. Krasik, E. Stambulchik, V. Bernshtam, J. K. Yoon, B. Herrera, S.-J. Park, and J. G. Eden
    Self-pulsing 104 A cm-2 current density discharges in dielectric barrier Al/Al2O3 microplasma devices
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 011501–3 (2009). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • V. Vekselman, J. Gleizer, S. Yatom, D. Yarmolich, V. Tz. Gurovich, G. Bazalitski, Ya. E. Krasik, and V. Bernshtam
    Laser induced fluorescence of the ferroelectric plasma source assisted hollow anode discharge
    Phys. Plasmas 16, 113504 (2009). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • J.L. Giuliani, J.W. Thornhill, A. Dasgupta, J.P. Apruzese, J. Davis, D. Osin, E. Kroupp, A. Starobinets, E. Stambulchik, V. Fisher, V. Bernshtam, Y. Maron, A. Fisher, and C. Deeney
    Thermalization of the ion kinetic energy in a Ne gas puff pinch model
    In Plasma Science - Abstracts, 2009. ICOPS 2009. IEEE International Conference on (2009), pp. 1. DOI BibTeX PDF


  • R. Doron, R. Arad, V. Bernshtam, Y. Maron, and Yu. Ralchenko
    High-electron temperature diagnostic of transient ionizing plasma using near-UV transitions
    Phys. Rev. E 78, 036410 (2008). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • M.D. Johnston, B.V. Oliver, S. Portillo, T.A. Mehlhorn, D.R. Welch, D.V. Rose, N. Bruner, D. Droemer, Y. Maron, E. Klodzh, V. Bernshtam, E. Stambulchik, A. Heathcote, and A. Critchley
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    In Plasma Science, 2008. ICOPS 2008. IEEE 35th International Conference on (2008), pp. 1. DOI BibTeX


  • E. Kroupp, D. Osin, A. Starobinets, V. I. Fisher, V. Bernshtam, Y. Maron, I. Uschmann, E. Förster, A. Fisher, and C. Deeney
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    Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 115001 (2007). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • K. Tsigutkin, R. Doron, E. Stambulchik, V. Bernshtam, Y. Maron, A. Fruchtman, and R. J. Commisso
    Electric fields in plasmas under pulsed currents
    Phys. Rev. E 76, 046401 (2007). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • V. I. Fisher, V. A. Bernshtam, and I. R. Almiev
    Direct inner-shell ionization of atomic ions by electron impact
    Phys. Scr. 74, 614 (2006). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • L. Gregorian, E. Kroupp, G. Davara, V. I. Fisher, A. Starobinets, V. A. Bernshtam, A. Fisher, and Y. Maron
    Electron density and ionization dynamics in an imploding z-pinch plasma
    Phys. Plasmas 12, 092704 (2005). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • L. Gregorian, E. Kroupp, G. Davara, A. Starobinets, V. I. Fisher, V. A. Bernshtam, Yu. V. Ralchenko, Y. Maron, A. Fisher, and D.H.H. Hoffmann
    Electron-temperature and energy-flow history in an imploding plasma
    Phys. Rev. E 71, 056402 (2005). DOI BibTeX PDF


  • R. Doron, R. Arad, K. Tsigutkin, D. Osin, A. Weingarten, A. Starobinets, V.A. Bernshtam, E. Stambulchik, Yu.V. Ralchenko, Y. Maron, A. Fruchtman, A. Fisher, J.D. Huba, and M. Roth
    Plasma dynamics in pulsed strong magnetic fields
    Phys. Plasmas 11, 2411–2418 (2004). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • D. Osin, R. Doron, R. Arad, K. Tsigutkin, A. Starobinets, V. Bernshtam, A. Fisher, A. Fruchtman, Y. Maron, and A. Tauschwitz
    On the role of the plasma composition in the magnetic field evolution in plasma opening switches
    IEEE Trans. Plasma Science 32, 1805–1811 (2004). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • Tsigutkin, K., Stambulchik, E., Bernshtam, V., and Maron, Y.
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    In Plasma Science, 2004. ICOPS 2004. IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts. The 31st IEEE International Conference on (2004), pp. 316. DOI BibTeX


  • L. Gregorian, V.A. Bernshtam, E. Kroupp, G. Davara, and Y. Maron
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  • K. Tsigutkin, E. Stambulchik, R. Doron, V. Bernshtam, A. Fisher, D. Osin, and Y. Maron
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  • K. Tsigutkin, E. Stambulchik, R. Doron, D. Osin, V. Bernshtam, Yu. Ralchenko, and Y. Maron
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  • E. Kroupp, D. Carasso, D. Osin, A. Starobinets, V. Bernshtam, V.I. Fisher, Yu. Ralchenko, Yu. Zarnitsky, Y. Maron, I. Uschmann, E. Forster, and A. Fisher
    High-resolution spectroscopic X-ray diagnostics for studying the ion kinetic energy and plasma properties in a Z-pinch at stagnation
    In Pulsed Power Conference, 2003. Digest of Technical Papers. PPC-2003. 14th IEEE International No. 1 (2003), pp. 209–212. DOI BibTeX PDF


  • V. A. Bernshtam, Yu. V. Ralchenko, and Y. Maron
    Empirical formula for cross section of direct electron-impact ionization of ions
    J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 33, 5025–5032 (2000). DOI BibTeX


  • Weingarten, A., Bernshtam, V.A., Fruchtman, A., Grabowski, C., Krasik, Y.E., and Maron, Y.
    Study of the effects of the prefilled-plasma parameters on the operation of a short-conduction plasma opening switch
    Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on 27, 1596–1605 (1999). DOI BibTeX


  • V. I. Fisher, Yu. V. Ralchenko, V. Bernshtam, A. Goldgirsh, Y. Maron, L. A. Vainshtein, I. Bray, and H. Golten
    Electron-impact-excitation cross sections of hydrogenlike ions
    Phys. Rev. A 55, 329–334 (1997). DOI BibTeX PDF
  • V. I. Fisher, Yu. V. Ralchenko, V. Bernshtam, A. Goldgirsh, Y. Maron, L. A. Vainshtein, and I. Bray
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  • V. I. Fisher, V. Bernshtam, H. Golten, and Y. Maron
    Electron-impact excitation cross sections for allowed transitions in atoms
    Phys. Rev. A 53, 2425–2432 (1996). DOI BibTeX

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